inverter ac

What’s all the FUSS about?

Have you ever wondered what the BIG DEAL is about Inverter Air Conditioners (ACs)? Or how they differ from Regular ACs? 

Get the blow-by-blow.

The New Normal

The battle lines have been drawn, every manufacturer now makes inverter ACs along with regular ACs; but what’s the difference and which is better?

Or is it all just a scam? 

No it’s not a scam. Though they might look the same on the outside with only an ‘inverter’ sticker differentiating them, inverter ACs function a little differently from regular ACs and they are more efficient, saving electricity, and produce less noise. Read more to find out how.

What’s the difference?

The important thing to understanding the difference between both air conditioners is to understand how their compressors function.

Regular ACs turn on their compressors and blow at full speed to gain the set temperature then turn off the compressor once the set temperature is reached, repeating this process throughout the time it runs. 

Inverter ACs work by maintaining a constant temperature in your room or office by varying the speed of the compressor to high and low as needed, without it going off completely.

Think of it like this: a race of 10,000m and you have a 100m Athlete (Regular) running against a Long Distance Runner (Inverter).

The 100m athlete can get to the first 100m point a lot faster by sprinting but would have to rest every 100m till he finishes, while using more energy.


The Long Distance Runner on the other hand might not get to 100m point first but will run at a steady speed to reach the 10,000m finish point long before the 100m Athlete, and not even be as tired.


Benefits of Inverter AC

1. Saves Energy: Because Inverter ACs are DC powered (more on that later) and have a more intelligent compressor function, they help save a lot of energy during their operations. Up to 50% in some cases.

Inverter ACs also use less wattage per class and so can be powered by less powerful generators in some scenarios.

Energy Saving & Fast Cooling<br>1

2. They are Quieter: The compressor design also reduces friction and vibration which give it a more smoother and quieter performance.

Inverter Compressor With 10 Year Warranty<br>1

3. More Comfortable: Because of the always-on nature of the compressor which only adjusts speed at intervals, inverter ACs help maintain a constant temperature within the room which makes it more consistent and comfortable.

4. More Environmentally Friendly: Inverter ACs run on R410 refrigerant which is absent of ozone destroying chemicals, making them very safe for the environment.

Misconceptions About Inverter Air Conditioners


Here are a few misconceptions about Inverter Air Conditioners.

#1 Does ‘inverter’ mean that it can work with my Power Inverter at home? 

Well…yes and no.

Any AC can work with your Home Inverter if it has the right capacity. However, an Inverter AC might be more efficient as it draws less power from your Home Inverter.

#2 Inverter ACs don’t cool as well as Regular ACs!:

Not exactly true.

The most important thing to note when installing an AC is to get the right capacity for your space, this will ensure that everywhere gets properly cooled. It is also a good practice to ensure that the cool air is not escaping and hot air is not getting in the room.

Another factor to understanding the cooling capacity of both types of ACs is to understand how each of them works, which I explain better below.

#3 Why are they called ‘Inverter ACs’?

Interesting Fact…

The full name for an Inverter Air Conditioner is actually a DC Inverter Air Conditioner. This is because it functions by converting AC Current- from your socket, to DC Current, which powers the compressor.