Samsung 258 Litres Double Door Refrigerator (RT25K3052S8/UT)

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  • Digital Inverter Technology
  • Simply make more fridge space
  • Keeps food safe for 12 hours


Unlock a New Level of Convenience with the Samsung Refrigerator

Smarter & Durable: Your Culinary Companion

Experience unparalleled durability and intelligence with the Digital Inverter Compressor (DIT) in the new Samsung refrigerator. Enjoy long-lasting performance, enhanced energy efficiency up to 50%, precise temperature control, and a quieter operation compared to traditional compressors. Our Digital Inverter Compressor adapts to cooling requirements across 7 gears, minimizing wear and tear for lasting reliability. Plus, rest easy with a 20-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Based on internal testing (ISO 15502) comparing energy consumption between Samsung models RT46K65(6) and RT54E***. 20-year warranty limited to the compressor.

Simply Make More Fridge Space: Ultimate Flexibility

Our refrigerator provides the ultimate flexible storage solution. Convert the freezer into a fridge with ease, creating up to 88 liters more space to accommodate fresh food for different seasons or occasions. When freezer space is needed, effortlessly switch back to the perfect freezing solution.

Samsung Refrigerator


Keeps Food Safe for 12 Hours: Your Blackout Solution

No more worries during power outages. Our refrigerator features a Cool Pack in the freezer and Cool Wall in the fridge, keeping your food chilled for up to 12 hours. This blackout solution ensures your food stays fresh and safe, even in unexpected situations.


Samsung Refrigerator


Fast Cooling and Freezing: Quick and Efficient

Experience rapid cooling performance with the touch of a button. Power Cool chills food in the fridge 31% faster*, and Power Freeze produces ice 31% faster*. Efficient and convenient, these features ensure your food stays fresh, your drinks stay cold, and ice is readily available.

Samsung Refrigerator

*Samsung testing compared to RT36FARZASP model without Power Cool/Freeze.

Evenly Cools Every Corner: All-around Cooling System

Our All-around Cooling system ensures an even distribution of cold air from corner to corner. Multiple outlets at every shelf level maintain a constant temperature, preserving the freshness of your food.

Samsung Refrigerator


Easy to Find and Reach Food: Effortless Organization

Say goodbye to navigating obstacles. The Easy Slide shelf allows efficient storage, organization, and easy access to your food. Reach items at the back and in corners effortlessly, making your refrigerator a breeze to use.

Samsung Refrigerator


Energy-Saving Door Alarm: Stay Informed

Never worry about leaving the door open. The Door Alarm notifies you if the door is not shut properly or left open for more than 2 minutes. This feature prevents the loss of cool air, saving electricity and preserving your food.

Samsung Refrigerator

Easily & Flexibly Store Ice: IceMax Technology

Make and store a large amount of ice effortlessly with IceMax. Compared to similar models, it produces 2.5 times more ice and offers double the storage capacity. Movable and flexible, IceMax optimizes your fridge space.

Keeps Perishable Food Fresher: MoistFresh Zone

Our smartly designed MoistFresh Zone drawer keeps perishable fruits and vegetables fresher for longer. Continuously adjusting the moisture level, this feature maintains the ideal humidity for optimal freshness.

Safely Preserve Delicate Items: Crisper Zone

Protect small produce in the Crisper Zone located above the MoistFresh Zone drawer. This separate box provides convenient storage for easy access to small and delicate fruits and vegetables, ensuring their preservation.

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