Samsung 55 Inch UHD 4K TV (UA55AU7000UXKE)

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  • Open up your smart 4K experience
  • Fine tuned color for a vibrant, lifelike picture
  • Feel lifelike shade of color as intended in powerful 4K


Experience Stunning 4K Brilliance with Samsung AU7000 UHD TV

AU7000 displays intricately blended color graphics which demonstrate vivid crystal color.

Welcome to a smart 4K experience like never before with the Samsung UHD TV AU7000. Immerse yourself in intricately blended color graphics, showcasing vivid crystal color and lifelike shades. Let’s explore the features that make this TV a standout choice.

Vivid Colors with PurColor

Samsung UHD TV

The painting on the right compared to the conventional on the left shows a wider range of color production due to PurColor technology.

AU7000 brings your content to life with PurColor technology, offering a wide range of colors for an optimal picture performance. This advanced feature creates an immersive viewing experience, making films feel almost like a real-life experience. The side-by-side comparison reveals the remarkable difference, with PurColor on the right displaying a richer color palette.

Crystal Processor 4K for Lifelike Colors

The crystal processor chip is shown. The Samsung logo as well as the Crystal Processor 4K logo can be seen on top.

The Crystal Processor 4K powers this TV, providing powerful 4K upscaling for content. Witness sophisticated color mapping technology that delivers more lifelike color expressions and ensures you enjoy up to 4K resolution for all your favorite shows and movies.

Motion Xcelerator for Clear Picture

A dirt bike racer looks clear and visible inside the UHD TV screen because of UHD TV motion xcelerator technology.

Experience smooth motion and clear picture quality with Motion Xcelerator. This technology automatically estimates and compensates frames for the source of content, ensuring you enjoy a clear and detailed view. Whether it’s sports or fast-paced action scenes, Motion Xcelerator keeps the picture performance top-notch.

4K UHD Resolution for Stunning Details

The flower image on the right compared to the left shows higher quality picture resolution created by 4K UHD technology.

Marvel at the reality of 4K UHD resolution, providing four times more pixels than regular FHD. This enhancement allows you to see even the smallest details in every scene, offering a viewing experience that goes beyond ordinary.

HDR for Enhanced Light Levels

The beach cave image on the left compared to SDR Image on the right shows a wider range of light and dark levels due to HDR technology.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) increases the range of light levels on your TV, offering an enormous spectrum of colors and visual details, even in the darkest scenes. Enjoy a wider range of light and dark levels, as demonstrated in the beach cave image comparison.

Q-Symphony for Perfect Harmony

Simulated sound wave graphics from TV and soundbar demonstrate Q Symphony technology as they play sound together.

The Q-Symphony feature orchestrates TV and soundbar speakers in perfect harmony. Surround yourself with sound as both operate simultaneously, creating a better surround effect without muting the TV speakers.

3-Bezeless Design for a Sleek Look

Samsung UHD TV

With a 3-Bezeless Design, the AU7000 offers a sleek and elegant appearance, drawing you into the purest picture. Crafted with minimalistic style from every angle, this TV sets new standards in design.

Clean Cable Solution for a Tidy Setup

Samsung UHD TV

Eliminate cable clutter with the Clean Cable Solution, keeping your cables tidy and concealed. Enjoy a seamless look for your TV, with fewer distractions and a more organized setup.

PC on TV – Work and Learn from Home

Explore the possibilities with the PC on TV feature. Easily access your PC, laptop, and mobile seamlessly on your TV. Whether it’s for work or learning, enjoy the convenience of using your TV as an extended screen.

Tap View for Effortless Mirroring

A user taps their smartphone against their AU7000 TV to mirror their ballerina contents to a bigger screen for more comfort.

Mirroring movies or music from your mobile to the TV is as simple as a tap with Tap View. Experience the convenience of quick and easy content switching by tapping your mobile to the TV.

Samsung TV Plus – Free TV, No Strings Attached

Discover the world of free live streaming TV content with Samsung TV Plus. Enjoy a variety of channels offering content for all interests, keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends without any subscription.

Universal Guide for Seamless Content Browsing

Universal Guide user interface image shows various images of popular content. - Samsung UHD TV

Spend more time watching and less time searching with the Universal Guide. This content-forward browsing experience speeds up finding what to watch across live TV and OTT, bringing your favorite movies and TV shows together in one place.

Samsung UHD TV - The top of the TV is shown.

The Samsung UHD TV AU7000 offers a complete package of stunning visuals, advanced technologies, and a sleek design. Elevate your entertainment experience with the brilliance of 4K resolution, vivid colors, and smart features designed for your convenience.

Content services may vary by region and are subject to change without notifications.

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