Samsung 65 Inch The Frame 4K QLED TV (QA65LS03)

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Samsung The Frame

Samsung the Frame

Introducing the Samsung 65″ Class The Frame ArtMode QLED 4K HDR Smart TV (2020), a revolutionary piece of technology that transcends the boundaries between entertainment and art. Elevate your living space with a TV that goes beyond mere functionality, seamlessly integrating into your home as a work of art.

Artistic Integration:

Samsung the FrameThe Frame’s modern frame design, minimalist-inspired and with a monochrome finish on the back, seamlessly blends into your interior, creating a sophisticated look from every angle. With the One Invisible Connection cable, witness the true masterpiece that The Frame becomes, whether it’s on or off, hanging elegantly on your wall alongside other picture frames.

Customizable Bezel: – Samsung the Frame

Customizable Frame bezel is showing magnetic attachment capability of The Frames Modern and Beveled bezel styles as well as the available Teak, Brown, Brick Red and White colors for each bezel style.

Express yourself with customizable bezels, available in two styles – Modern and Beveled. Choose from a range of colors including White, Teak, Brown, and Brick Red. The magnetic application ensures easy customization, allowing you to switch between colors and styles effortlessly to suit your mood and the ambiance of your space.

Slim Fit Wall-Mount:

Samsung the Frame

Transform your TV into a true work of art with the Slim Fit Wall-Mount, bringing The Frame flush against the wall. The swivel bracket allows you to adjust the angle of your TV, even enabling portrait mode for a unique display. A small, barely visible gap adds to the illusion of a real frame.

One Invisible Connection: – Samsung the Frame

Samsung the Frame

Say goodbye to messy wires with the One Invisible Connection cable, seamlessly connecting external devices to your TV. With up to 15 meters of freedom, you can discreetly place your TV peripherals, enhancing the clean and elegant look of your space. The slim and minimalized design of the One Connect Box complements this cable management solution.

Height Adjustable Stand:

Samsung the Frame

Discover vertical versatility with the Height Adjustable Stand, allowing you to raise The Frame from the surface, providing ample space to fit a soundbar underneath the screen. This feature adds flexibility to your entertainment setup, ensuring that your TV adapts to your preferences.

Studio Stand:

The Frame TV which is showing a bridge and water scene is being held up using the Studio Stand accessory.

Experiment with creative layouts using the Studio Stand, which allows you to move the TV away from the wall. Conceal messy wires inside the stand’s leg, ensuring a neat and tidy appearance no matter where you place your TV.

Art Mode: – Samsung the Frame

Art Mode user interface image shows bridge and water picture being selected among various other artwork choices.Transform The Frame into a private art gallery with a press of a button. Art Mode showcases your personal art collection, offering a curated selection of over 1,400 pieces from world-renowned institutions. Enjoy a world-class selection at your fingertips.

Motion Sensor and Brightness Sensor:

The Frame senses your presence with a motion sensor, automatically turning on to display artwork when you enter the room. The Brightness Sensor adjusts screen brightness and color based on changing lighting conditions, ensuring your artwork is always displayed in its best light.

My Collection and Personalization Options:

Go beyond artwork and showcase your personal photos on The Frame. Use the Mat Canvas feature to add a realistic mat behind your artwork, choose from artistic filters, mark your favorite pieces, and personalize your space.

Quantum Dot Technology:

The Frame which is on Studio Stand is in a room full of white balloons. Only the balloons on the screen are visible in various vivid colors.Experience a billion shades of color with Quantum Dot technology, delivering a breathtaking color experience that stays true at any brightness level. The Dual LED backlight enhances color realism, contrast, and viewing angles.

Quantum Processor 4K and AI Upscaling:

The Frames screen is showing a high resolution image of an ocean wave during a sunset. Simulated to appear behind the image is a hardware design graphic where a processor chip with the logos of Samsung and AI Quantum Processor 4K can be seen.Powered by Samsung’s Quantum Processor 4K, The Frame utilizes AI capabilities to learn, adapt, and enhance your viewing experience. 4K AI upscaling restores details, removes image noise, and sharpens edges, providing a refined and realistic visual experience.

Adaptive Picture and Adaptive Sound:

The Frame is divided into two parts. On the left side, there is a brightness meter graphic which shows the brightness level of the on-screen image being lowered to match the low-light setting of the room. On the right side, there is a brightness meter graphic which shows brightness levels of the on-screen image matching the brightness level of the room.Enjoy auto-optimized picture and sound with Adaptive Picture, adjusting brightness and contrast based on room conditions. Adaptive Sound optimizes audio based on real-time audio scenic intelligence, offering the best sound experience for any content.



Immerse yourself in a harmonious audio experience with Q-Symphony, allowing TV and soundbar speakers to operate simultaneously for enhanced surround effects without muting TV speakers.

Multi View and Samsung Health:

A woman is working out in front of her TV. On the TV screen she can see a screen of herself as well as the screen of the fitness trainer and below the TV her smartphone camera is capturing her workout so she can see it on the TV screen.

Watch two screens simultaneously with Multi View, customize video size, and control how you watch. Access Samsung Health for fitness data tracking and personalized workouts, making The Frame a hub for your health and wellness.

Google Duo and Tap View: – Samsung the Frame

A mobile device which is playing music is being held very close to The Frame.Connect with loved ones using Google Duo for video calls on the big screen. Tap View makes mirroring content from your smartphone as simple as a tap, enhancing your overall viewing experience.

Solar Cell Remote:

Simulated battery charging wave graphics are beneath the Samsung One Remote to illustrate that it is recharging from indoor lighting.The Frame comes with an innovative Eco Remote featuring solar cell technology, eliminating the need for batteries. Charge it effortlessly with indoor lights, ensuring uninterrupted control of your TV.

Elevate your entertainment experience with Samsung the Frame ArtMode QLED 4K HDR Smart TV (2020). It’s not just a TV; it’s a piece of art that transforms your space into a gallery of possibilities.

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