Samsung 75 Inch UHD 4K TV (UA75AU8000UXKE)

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  • Vivid crystal color on our slimmest profile
  • Lifelike color, born in a pure state with fine crystal
  • Feel lifelike shade of color as intended in powerful 4K


Samsung UHD TV AU8000 Series offers a visual extravaganza that goes beyond traditional expectations. Immerse yourself in the brilliance of crystal-clear color and lifelike 4K resolution, creating an entertainment experience like never before.

Samsung UHD TV AU8000 - Vivid Crystal Color and Slim Design

Vivid Crystal Color on Our Slimmest Profile: AU8000 boasts intricately blended color graphics, showcasing vivid crystal color on our slimmest profile. The lifelike color, born in a pure state with fine crystal, is a visual delight that captivates your senses.

Dynamic Crystal Color: With one billion shades of color, Dynamic Crystal Color ensures that you witness lifelike variations, capturing every subtlety of the scene. This technology delivers an immersive experience, making your content come alive with richness and depth.

Lifelike color, born in a pure state with fine crystal

Crystal Processor 4K for Lifelike 4K Resolution: Powered by Crystal Processor 4K, this TV ensures lifelike shades of color as intended in powerful 4K. The robust 4K upscaling guarantees up to 4K resolution, offering sophisticated color mapping technology for more realistic color expressions.

Samsung UHD TV AU8000 - Vivid Crystal Color and Slim Design

Motion Xcelerator for Smooth Motion: Experience a clear picture and exceptional performance with Motion Xcelerator. This technology automatically estimates and compensates frames for the content source, ensuring smooth motion for a clearer picture.

Samsung UHD TV AU8000 - Vivid Crystal Color and Slim Design

Samsung UHD TV

4K Resolution for Sharp and Crisp Images: 4K UHD TV takes your viewing experience beyond regular Full HD with 4x more pixels. Witness sharp and crisp images with enhanced resolution, even capturing the smallest details in the scene.

HDR for Dark and Light Detail: High Dynamic Range (HDR) increases the range of light levels, providing an enormous spectrum of colors and visual details, even in the darkest scenes. Enjoy a wider range of light and dark levels for a more immersive viewing experience.

Samsung UHD TV

Q-Symphony for Harmonized Audio: Q-Symphony orchestrates TV and soundbar speakers in perfect harmony, allowing them to operate simultaneously. This unique technology enhances the surround effect without muting TV speakers, delivering an immersive audiovisual experience.

Simulated sound wave graphics from TV and soundbar demonstrate Q Symphony technology as they play sound together.

AirSlim Design for Sleek Elegance: Crystal UHD features an ultra-thin profile with AirSlim design, allowing the TV to blend effortlessly with your interior. The result is a sleek and slim TV that stands out elegantly, adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

Profile view of Crystal UHD TV shows ultra slim design of Crystal UHD TV AirSlim.

Slim Fit Wall Mount for Minimalist Interior: Achieve the minimalist interior design look with the easy-to-install Slim Fit Wall Mount. This solution ensures your TV fits snug to the wall, reducing the gap and seamlessly blending into your space.

Clean Cable Solution to Eliminate Clutter: Keep your cables tidy and concealed with the Clean Cable Solution. This feature reduces clutter and maintains a seamless look for your TV, eliminating distractions and enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Multiple Voice Assistants for Convenience: Choose your preferred voice assistant – Bixby, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant – all built into your Samsung TV. Enjoy advanced control and the optimal entertainment experience in your connected home.

Samsung UHD TV

PC on TV for Work and Learning: Explore the possibilities with PC on TV, allowing easy access to your PC, laptop, and mobile seamlessly on your TV. Work and learn from the comfort of your home with this convenient feature.

Samsung UHD TV

Tap View for Effortless Connectivity: Mirroring movies or music from your mobile to the TV is as simple as a tap with Tap View. Experience quick and easy switching to the TV, ensuring you continue enjoying your favorite content seamlessly.

Samsung UHD TV Plus for Free Streaming: Samsung TV Plus offers free live streaming TV content with virtual channels. Tune in to a variety of channels catering to all interests that are currently trending, providing a hassle-free streaming experience.

Samsung UHD TV

Universal Guide for Content Discovery: Spend more time watching and less time searching with the Universal Guide. This content-forward browsing experience speeds up finding what to watch across live TV and OTT, bringing your favorite movies and TV shows together in one place.

Samsung UHD TV

Explore the Samsung UHD TV AU8000 Series and embark on a journey of unparalleled visual and audio excellence. Elevate your entertainment experience with cutting-edge technologies and sleek design, making every moment a cinematic delight.

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