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LG Portable Bluetooth Speaker – 20W


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LG Portable Bluetooth Speaker (+Meridian Technology) – (5PK MERIDIAN)

  • Multi Bluetooth Pairing
  • High Definition Streaming
  • Up to 18 hours Playback
  • Grab & Go Handle
  • Water and weather resistant


Out of stock

LG Portable Bluetooth Speaker (+Meridian Technology) – (5PK MERIDIAN)

A Portable Party
Give every meetup an entertaining upgrade. The portable LG XBOOM Go PK5 speaker is an easy-to-carry solution that allows you to make good times even better.


Meridian Audio
Make the neighbors file a noise complaint with the power of innovative sound. The Meridian technology inside the LG XBOOM Go PK5 ensures songs have clear vocals and enhanced bass for uncompromising performance.


Enhanced Bass & Clear Vocal
Send audio imperfections packing for the night. Make your party an enjoyable experience you can feel as well as hear on the LG XBOOM Go PK5.


aptX™ HD Audio
Throw a low maintenance event that delivers high-definition audio. Maintain your music’s original sound quality throughout wireless transmission on the LG XBOOM Go PK5.


Beat Lighting
Don’t just hear the music: See it! This LG Bluetooth speaker synchronizes its built-in LED light to the rhythm of the music to create a pulsing light show for any song, just like the hottest dance club.


Play on without the panic of water hitting your speaker. The water-resistant LG XBOOM Go PK5 speaker is built to play in less than perfect conditions, without having to take cover.


Grab & Go
Handle the music like a boss for every event in your social calendar. With the portable LG XBOOM Go PK5’s bold design, transporting your tunes have never been more convenient.


Up to 18-Hours* of Battery
Be the center of awesomeness, instead of a wallflower that’s plugged into a power outlet. Use the LG XBOOM Go PK5 speaker to party all night, and still have energy to spare.


Bluetooth Speakerphone
Turn your party into a “group chat” for those conversations that have to be shared with friends. With the LG XBOOM Go PK5’s Bluetooth capabilities, answer all crucial calls with the touch of a single button.


Multi-Bluetooth Pairing
Put your friends in charge of the ever-growing party playlist, using Bluetooth. Anyone can easily play their favorite tracks for all to hear on the LG XBOOM Go PK5 speaker.


Dual Play Connection
Enjoy stereo sound by wirelessly pairing two PK speakers* (PK5 or PK5W). To activate the Dual Play mode, connect one speaker to a device via Bluetooth. Next, press and hold the “+” on the back of both speakers and listen for the tone indicating speakers have been paired and Dual Play mode is on. Now enjoy your music in full, rich stereo sound.


Powerful Bass You Can Feel
The Dual Action Bass act like mini bass drivers that not only provide an outstanding bass but also more energy to the party. Play a song with strong bass and be blown away as the sides pulse with energy and passion.


Voice Command for Remote Control
Activate the Google Assistant with the Voice Command button. Pause or play the next track simply with your voice all without touching your smartphone.

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